About the District

General Profile

Erode district predominantly agrarian in nature, is emerging gradually but steadily as an Industrially Promising District. Erode was previously a part of Coimbatore District and it has been bifurcated from Coimbatore District on 17th September 1979 as a new district. Erode is known for the biggest textileshandy for marketing the power loom and handloom products.

The district lies between 10.36' and 11.58' degrees of northern latitude and between 76.49' and 77.58' Degrees of the Eastern Longitude and 171.91 meters above mean sea level. It has an area of 8,162 sq.kms accounting for 6.3% of the total area of the state and is bounded by Karnataka State in the North, Udhagamandalam District in the North West, Coimbatore District in the West, Dindigul District in the South, Karur District in the South East and Namakkal, Salem districts in the East.