Technology Business Incubator

         Financial assistance to the tune of Rs.50 Lakhs per Incubator / Centre of Excellence would be provided for creation of basic infrastructure for setting up of centres of Excellence and Technology Business Incubators in the fields like Automobile, machine tools, Food processing etc, in MSME Sector for introduction of new production techniques and design development.

Technolgy Busniess Incubation is a dynamic process of knowledge based business enterprise development.
TBI provides opportunity for Enterpreneur aspirants to convert thier ideas into products.
TBI nurtures young firms, helps them to survive and grow during the start-up by providing necessary hand holding support and facilities.
TBI speeds up commercialization of R&D outputs
TBI creates additional avenues of employment

TBI would collect a nominal fee for the services and the space and technical support provided. As all the tenant incubatees are sharing these resources from a common pool, the incubatees will benefit from the lower cost of resources in the early stages. 

Any venture start-up has to go through the following stages of development.

Ideation / Innovation stage

Concept development / Opportunity spotting
Market assessment / Competition analysis
First level Business Planning / Business Modeling
Founding Team formation
Intellectual property safe guarding
Seed Funding

Incubation Stage

Advisory board
Proof of Concept/ Prototyping
Financial Assistance
Test marketing
Full scale business planning

Implementation Stage

Full scale Business Planning
Pitching for Venture Funding
Scaling up operations
Large scale commercialization
Mature Team Formation

Take off stage

Going National / Global
Initial Public Offering
Exit provisioning for Venture Capitalists
Full scale business Graduation